May 18 Update to Caledon Town Council

May 18th. Town Team reported under budget by $1.6M. June 8th.

Annette Groves brought a motion to Council.

“I would like to thank Heather Savage, Kevin Kyle and the rest of the staff team for their continued support of this expansion project. Motion ‘That the total budget for Capital Project #17-071 – Rotary Place Expansion be increased in the amount of $1,627,506 for the remaining Term of Council and funded as part of the 2022 budget: and That any shortfall from the Town’s current Development Charges (DC) Background study be recovered from a future DC Background Study.’ Motion passed unanimously.

I wrote this email to Council, Mayor, and town staff. ‘Dear Mayor Thompson, Councillors and of the utmost important, Staff. On behalf of the Caledon Seniors Centre we want to express our sincere appreciation to all of you. You supported the motion put forth this morning by Annette Groves our Regional Councillor representative in Bolton. We know Annette consulted with senior staff to be certain this motion was prepared with all the correct protocols required to put the motion forward. We are proud of what we have accomplished as a community of like-minded seniors and supporters of the expansion of a facility that will bring so much to the increasing population of the 55+.

We know the senior population will increase by at least 10,000 by 2030. We believe our facility along with our expansion of the Caledon Seniors Centre Satellite locations will serve our entire Senior population for many years. You have all contributed to the guarantee that we will celebrate the ’shovel in the ground ceremony’ in 2021. Please know our Seniors across Caledon celebrate this milestone and everyone looks forward to welcoming all into an expanded facility to continue a place of Fun, Fitness and Fellowship, and expanded Programs, Events and Catering. Thank you so much for your approval.

Respectfully submitted Nora Martin, Chair