Centre News – September / October 2021

September October Newsletter 1 FINAL – Download PDF

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT WELCOME! We feel a buzz in the air as plans are being made to slowly welcome our members back to the Centre. We will not be at full capacity but as everyone feels more comfortable, we will again enjoy the camaraderie of others with lots of smiles  & laughter. Online activities will remain for those who are enjoying participating that way. The office staff, kitchen staff, and volunteers have done a tremendous job during this time and I  thank you for all your efforts. Lunches & dinners have been well received. 

Please remember the President’s Challenge of  $100.00 matching my donation. Your more than welcome to go above & beyond vying for a lovely prize on September 16th! We are gearing up for our fund-raising campaign to be able to enhance the Centre and to offer more programs, etc. Still a  lot of work ahead of us but we are extremely optimistic our members will share in this endeavor. 

Stay safe and let’s hope we see many smiling faces  back at the Centre in the coming months. Regards, Jane Chapman 

Tax Benefits of Charitable Donations: Canada has a generous tax credit system for donors to charities. The Charitable Donations Tax Credit can be up to 33 percent of the amount you donated at the federal level and up to another 11% at the  Ontario Provincial level.  

Eligible Donations – Who qualifies for the  Donation tax credit? The CDTC is available for anyone who makes a donation to a qualifying donee such as CSC. A donation is defined as a gift for which no consideration is given in return. Your donation can be money, anything else of value such as property, stocks, cultural and ecological gifts, etc. If you receive something in exchange for your donation, such as tickets to a show, then the value must be subtracted from the amount you donated and you can only claim the CDTC for the difference. What is a qualifying donee? A  qualifying donee is a registered charity such as  “CSC”. Make sure you obtain a receipt! The CSC is a charitable organization. FMI go to caledonseniors.ca website for links to CRA website. 

RE-OPENING DURING COVID-19; The Centre plans to open more programs starting in September. Please see  schedule attached. While in stage 3 we are permitted to have more participants but must observe guidelines posted for each program. 

CSC REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION:  Participants of in person activities and events  provide Proof of Covid 19 Vaccination: and 

Participants of in person activities and events  complete the CSC Covid-19 Questionnaire and  Waiver 

Non vaccinated Covid-19 members may participate with proof of negative test from Public Health  Ontario. CCRW offer free testing on Fridays they are open 2pm to 5pm weekly. You can make an appointment by calling 905 796 4922, once the test is done you can get the results by going to covid 19.ontario.ca and putting in your health card number. 

These requirements do not affect virtual activities. Always check with your health care provider to understand your personal risk and act accordingly. 

WEBSITE: The centre has a new and improved e commerce friendly website, please check it out! 


SUMMER FALL PROGRAMS – Schedule attached 


Meetings have taken place over the last month to finalize  design and logistics of the build. 

CONSTRUCTION – mid-August permits submitted,  hopefully by the end of August tendering begins  September, shovel in the ground early October.  Once all permits are in place Percon the construction company will be cordoning off the building site and an office trailer for the construction will be located in east end of our parking lot by the berm, if we need more parking during construction we can use the CCRW  parking areas. Minor interior walls will be constructed in Rotary Place as a barrier to the construction area at all exits to the back yard for safety and hopefully noise reduction.  

The plan is to continue using Rotary Place during construction with minimal disruption to programs, there may be the odd occasion to close. 

Chair Nora Martin